I have switched accounts, fellow minions, to asstiels.tumblr.com, if you're interested in following me over to that blog, then please do so, but realize that I am not going to be active on this blog much, other than checking my messages periodically and such. ♥


To everyone that still follows me on this account (why are there 912 of you?) I want to wish you all a Happy New Years! Sadly, I don’t use this account anymore, but am keeping it up for personal reasons, and such.

If you ARE interested in following my new account (asstiels) then I’d advise you do so! Only, I would definitely check out my about me and my latest interests because I do not post as much Inception as I did before.

I hope you all are having a lovely night! <3

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 Favorite Kanye tweets.

Favorite Kanye tweets.

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The awkward moment when you want to watch a fanfic. 

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